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Platinum Divided Plate With Vacuum Base

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Our plate can be glued to the surface by pressing the middle part. Suction cup is fixed on smooth, dry and clean surface. In this way, your child will not be able to lift the plate while eating, he will focus on his food. Thanks to its compartments, you will be able to prepare all the types of food that your child should eat at one meal in one service.



  • As with all of our products, we used a character that everyone would love in this product. So that he doesn’t get bored eating, so that the food becomes more fun..
  • Hand washing is recommended for cleaning the product due to its natural structure. But cleaning is also possible in the dishwasher if desired.
  • Our plate can enter the refrigerator and microwave oven. (max.180°C)
  • Thanks to the low thermal conductivity of silicone, our little one can safely touch the plate after the food is heated.
  • It is suitable for your children aged 6 months and over.
  • Our plate is 100% platinum silicone. So what is this platinum silicone?
  • It has been proven that the element platinum is not harmful to human health.
  • Platinum-doped silicone is one of the most suitable food-grade silicones.
  • Research on human health has revealed that silicone products that they will use for the health of infants and children (especially 0-5 years) should not contain peroxide.
  • Platinum silicone, on the other hand, is one of the rare products that does not have side effects as a healthy alternative.
  • All silicones need auxiliaries as they become products. This is mostly either peroxide or platinum. No harmful gases are released in the production of platinum silicon, which is used instead of peroxide.
  • Platinum silicone is odorless. As you use our product, you will see that there will be no smell of food or dishes on it. It does not smell itself, nor does it contain a smell.

General Information:

      • Our plate is for our young people aged 6 months and over.
      • It is recommended to be used under adult supervision.
      • There are no peroxide and derivative substances on our plate or in any of our other products.
      • Our products have CE certificate. Its compliance with EU standards has been tested and approved by accredited international testing organizations.
      • It is not toxic. It is compatible with nature. Our dyes used are obtained by natural means and do not harm health.
      • It does not contain peroxide, phthalates or bisphenol A. (0% BPA)

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